Paid Search Branded Campaigns: Effective or Excessive?

Every paid search campaign we build seems to elicit the same response.  No matter who the client is—a small local business, or a fortune 500 company—every client questions whether our campaigns should include branded keywords and ads.  In other words, should the campaign target keywords that include the company name and similar iterations? We understand […]

Is Your Bid Op Tool Worth The Cost?

By Paul Benson Thousands of online advertisers in the U.S. rely on bid optimization tools (BOTs) to make their paid search campaigns more efficient.  These software “solutions” or “platforms” which typically leverage rule-based or algorithmic bidding, claim the upper hand against manual bidding strategies.  While it’s certainly true that in some cases these tools vastly […]

Google Introduces AdWords For Video

Earlier this spring, Google expanded their paid search advertising capabilities by launching their new video advertising platform “AdWords for Video.”  The program’s launch immediately turned video content advertising into an affordable, targetable, and measurable medium.  AdWords for Video operates under a pay-per-view model where the advertiser is only charged when users have watched their video […]

Implementing Segmented ROI Analysis

By Mark Casali To succeed in online marketing, an agency must be committed to adaptation, innovation, and, of course, optimization.  The industry seems to produce a never ending array of methods to improve and refine account performance, but as search marketers, our very own measure of success remains a stagnant and undeveloped concept.  Return on […]