About Synapse SEM

What are you looking for in a search engine marketing firm? Industry research shows that most companies want more strategic direction and data-based recommendations from their SEM partner.  At Synapse SEM, we believe that strategic guidance, robust data analysis and operational efficiency are imperative to running a successful digital marketing program.  Therefore, since inception we have made it our goal to become experts in all three areas.  After all, how effective is a new strategy if it can’t be implemented and how useful is operational efficiency if there is no strategy to guide your initiatives?Our ability to offer our clients strategic guidance based on data and the most efficient operations team in the industry is what sets us apart.  We are your strategists, analysts and operations team wrapped up into a single point of contact.  And we have the experience, dedication and reputation to propel your search engine marketing efforts to the next level.Still need more?  Meet our leadership team or read about recent client case studies.  You can also contact us today by calling 781-591-0752 or emailing us here.