Search Engine Optimization

Despite becoming a more content driven and resource intensive initiative, SEO remains the most scalable and profitable long-term online marketing channel for our clients.  Implementing an SEO strategy is often an investment and a major strategic decision for our clients.  So before strategy development can even begin, a thorough opportunity assessment and viability study is often required.  As a team of CPAs, MBAs, marketers and entrepreneurs, Synapse SEM is uniquely positioned to deliver on this cross-industry research.  Once an opportunity is established, our SEO strategies leverage five key disciplines to maximize visibility, traffic and revenue:

    • Technical Optimization.  A website must be accessible to both search engines and users.
    • On-Page Optimization.  Content and SEO tags must clearly relay page theme to search engines.
    • Content Marketing & Link Building. Unique, engaging content should be leveraged to drive organic links.
    • Conversion Optimization. From keyword to call-to-action, SEO should be integrated with the customer journey.
    • Tracking Implementation.  Without accurate tracking, the success of a program cannot properly be evaluated.

Though grounded in these five areas, our SEO engagements are ultimately customized and highly tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.

As the fallout from Google’s now infamous algorithmic update, “Penguin,” continues to unfold, Synapse SEM has also become a true industry leader in link profile repair and penalty management.   We have navigated multiple clients through link removal requests, comprehensive link disavowals, and competitive duplicate content attacks, successfully restoring organic visibility and revenue.

Whether engaging in project based audits or on-going management, our SEO engagements are designed to make an impact where it matters most—your bottom line.  We aim to become true business partners with our clients, developing open communication and setting common goals critical for achieving success.

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