website_development_imgWebsite Development
If online marketing initiatives are to be productive, they must be preceded by a strong and purposeful website presence.  With this in mind, Synapse SEM has partnered with an award winning development agency to provide you unparalleled expertise in graphic design, website development, and hosting.

Our Model
Synapse SEM strategically chose to work with a trusted partner for two major reasons.  First, it allows our firm to stick to what we do best—search engine marketing.  Often times, agencies will get so caught up in trying to become a one-stop shop that they end up diluting their core competencies and spreading their resources thin.  Second, and most importantly, our partnership creates a seamless and unified experience for the client, that simply cannot be matched by two unaffiliated companies.  For example, when your site is being built, we will be diligently working and in constant contact with the development team to optimize on-site SEO elements, content, and user-experience.

Our specific capabilities range from the creation of individual landing pages and micro-sites to full scale corporate websites.  Whatever the development project, we will design and build a website with an efficient and streamlined user experience that encourages and maximizes on-site conversion events.