Pharmatron Introduces Paid Search Advertising to Drive Online Sales Leads


Pharmatron, Inc.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing

Manchester, NH


Pharmatron, a leading manufacturer of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic solid dosage form testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, strived to leverage their content- rich and interactive website to drive qualified online sales leads. Historically, Pharmatron found that their website was a valuable tool for engaging existing customers, but that it did little to reach new prospects. Consequently, Pharmatron recruited Synapse SEM to build and manage comprehensive paid search campaigns.


“Synapse SEM has a team of true search engine marketing experts. With their help, paid search advertising is now an integral part of our overall marketing strategy.”

Mark Amiet, CEO, Pharmatron, Inc.


Drive Qualified Sales Leads: Pharmatron’s paid search campaigns were intended to drive qualified sales leads. Given the relatively high average order value of their testing equipment, Pharmatron was poised to spend upwards of $150 for each lead generated.

Resolve Infringement on Intellectual Property: Upon performing a competitive analysis of the paid search environment, Synapse SEM discovered that a close competitor was bidding on Pharmatron branded terms; more importantly, this competitor was including Pharmatron branded terms in their ad headlines and descriptions, which is a violation of Google’s advertising policy.

Implement Lead Tracking System: In addition to driving qualified leads, Pharmatron needed a system in place to track leads generated by their paid search efforts. This tracking system would enable Pharmatron to calculate on-going lead volume and cost-per-lead metrics.


Drive Qualified Sales Leads: Pharmatron’s campaigns have consistently driven an average of 10 leads per month. These leads have come at a cost per lead of $75, well below the campaign goal.    Seventy-five percent of all leads driven have come on non-branded terms which suggest Pharmatron is effectively reaching new and unique users. In addition, Pharmatron’s higher campaign goal allowed Synapse SEM to maintain premium positions on highly relevant search terms. Ads for these terms were tailored to entice qualified users to click-through to the site and convert. As such, overall conversion rate for the campaign was a very strong 3.4%.

Resolve Infringement on Intellectual Property: Synapse SEM helped facilitate the Google Trademark Infringement complaint process with Pharmatron’s management. Illegitimate competitor ads have subsided.

Implement Lead Tracking System: To track sales leads generated by Pharmatron’s paid search efforts, Synapse SEM implemented the Google Conversion Pixel on the Pharmatron website. The pixel was placed on the quote confirmation page, and has led to accurate tracking capabilities.