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International PPC Agency Offering Full Localization Services

For companies looking to improve or expand their PPC efforts internationally, Synapse SEM offers complete international PPC campaign management, including translation and localization services. As an international PPC agency, we understand the importance of providing a localized experience for customers in different countries speaking different languages. Other PPC firms work with translation companies to develop campaigns in various languages. In fact, this is how we first offered international services. Over time, we realized that relying on translation firms limited our ability to truly own the optimization strategy. We also found that many translation firms lacked in-market expertise.

As a result, we began adding international resources that could help us fully manage and optimize PPC campaigns for our clients. Today, Synapse SEM’s international PPC services include:

Complete PPC Translation and Localization
Our team is able to translate all aspects of your PPC campaigns, including keywords, ad copy and landing page content.

Local, In-Market Expertise
Machine or even direct translations can seriously miss the mark in communicating your main message to your customer. Our resources are fluent in the language they’re targeting, and typically live or have lived in the country they’re managing. This ensures we’re catching the subtlest variances in local language variations, including the colloquial differences among countries and languages.

Integrated PPC Reporting and Project Management
Managing PPC programs across multiple geographies and languages requires strong reporting and project management capabilities. Our processes and approach allow us to seamlessly coordinate efforts across multiple locations and languages. This provides two significant benefits:
1. Integrated efforts across the targeted languages and geographies
2. Improved efficiency to ensure the allocated resources are able to focus on the higher impact areas of the account

Language Experience for PPC Campaigns
We have developed expertise in English and most non-English languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian.

Reverse PPC Translations
It’s important that all stakeholders can review campaign performance in their native language. For this reason, we have built in the capability to reverse-translate key deliverables and analyses. Now, everyone can evaluate and provide feedback on the critical aspects of the program, even when a particular project is in a non-native language.


To learn more about how our international PPC services can help your business, email us at or give us a call at 781-591-0752.