Synapse SEM Announces 7th Consecutive Year of Growth

Boston, MA – January 21, 2018 – Synapse SEM, a specialized search engine marketing firm, announced year-over-year revenue growth for its seventh consecutive year.  Coming off its most successful year yet, the agency has now grown every year since its inception in 2011.

The agency attributes its growth to two critical factors, including its exceptional client retention rates (the agency still maintains partnerships with many of its original clients) and more aggressively promoting its newest service offering, paid social management.

Synapse continued its 5+ year-long relationships with several of its flagship clients, including Bullhorn (an industry leading recruiting software firm), Visual IQ (the leading marketing attribution solutions provider who was acquired by Nielsen in 2017), and Adoptions With Love (a non-profit adoption agency with 30+ years in the industry), among others.  The agency also onboarded several new clients, including Akumina and Datawatch, which has helped deepen its experience within the B2B technology industry.

The agency also focused on expanding its paid social service offering, which was its fastest growing service offering in 2018.  Paul Benson, agency co-founder and managing director of the Newton office stated that “We have always been a direct response marketing agency, and the paid social channel fits well within our core competencies because it allows advertisers to target based on very narrowly defined criteria.  While we leverage query data to determine intent for SEM, we’re now able to leverage company size, job titles, clients’ target accounts and other criteria to market more precisely.  Paid social has proven to be a very effective direct response channel and is an increasingly important part of our clients’ marketing mix.”

To accelerate its growth in 2019, the agency plans to make specific enhancements to its core services across PPC, SEO and paid social.  This includes becoming one of the first agencies to fully automate the process for collecting and reporting on back-end metrics (e.g. MQLs) for its lead generation clients, which is currently a highly manual and cumbersome process.  The firm also plans to enhance its landing page design and development services to ensure its clients’ landing pages are not only conversion rate and Quality Score optimized, but also fully integrated with their marketing automation and CRM systems.  This service enhancement is meant to remove the burden of configuring the CRM and marketing automation systems for the various marketing channels.  Co-founder and managing director of Synapse’s Connecticut office, Mark Casali believes that “automation is becoming the standard within digital marketing, and it’s critical that we help lead the way for our clients.  This is particularly relevant and important for our B2B and B2C lead gen clients.”

About Synapse SEM

Synapse SEM is a specialized search marketing firm that leverages advanced data analysis and statistics to provide its clients with deeper, more actionable insights.  With core competencies in paid search advertising, search engine optimization and social media, the company develops, implements, and executes integrated digital marketing strategies focused on lead generation and new customer acquisition.  Using its proprietary data analysis techniques and highly experienced subject matter experts, the agency has achieved best-in-class results and has provided the highest quality of service to its clients since its inception in 2011.

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